Arguably our favorite holiday. We love to circle around our loved ones – whether family, or family-by-choice – and cook up a bountiful feast.

When it comes to wine for the Thanksgiving table, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s such a range of flavors in the meal, and an equally wide range of opinions from your guests. Not to worry, we’re here to help. We’ve chosen six bottles that offer something for everyone and complement the autumnal flavors on the table too.

We always like to begin the evening with a glass of sparkling – it sets a festive tone and is perfect with the Salmon Rillettes hors d’oeuvre.

When everyone sits down, we scatter a selection of bottles around the table so people can help themselves. Here we’ve chosen our Love, Oregon Pinot Noir Rosé (such a great Thanksgiving wine!) and Love, Oregon Chardonnay for those who like to keep it cool and crisp. Also, two of our very favorite Pinots for the red wine lovers – Love, Oregon Pinot Noir and Vignette Pinot Noir. In all cases these wines work with the array of foods because the lush flavors are balanced with bright and welcome acidity. You just can’t go wrong.

For a classic dessert combo, try our delicious Chocolate Pecan Pie paired with a holiday favorite – our NV Port-style wine. We like this course best when cozied up on the couch in front of the fire with some mellow jazz playing in the background as the evening winds down.

We’re sharing some highlights from the Stuart’s Thanksgiving menu and offer you those recipes here.

Now all you need is the wine.

Hint: If you’re not hosting Thanksgiving this year, consider bringing the six-pack as a gift. You’ll surely be the favorite guest of all!

The Wine

R. Stuart Thanksgiving Wines

Thanksgiving 6-Pack

  • NV Bubbly – $28
  • 2017 Love, Oregon Chardonnay – $25
  • 2018 Love, Oregon Pinot Noir Rosé – $22
  • 2017 Love, Oregon Pinot Noir – $28
  • 2017 Vignette Pinot Noir – $35
  • NV Klipsun Cabernet “Port” – $38

$176 $150


The Playlist

R. Stuart Thanksgiving Wines

The Music

We made a Thanksgiving play list for you…