Though not Jewish, the Stuarts celebrate Hanukkah every year with dear friends of the family. The celebration of light against the darkness of winter, where we count our blessings and share good cheer with loved ones is a precious night indeed. And of course, the party goes on for eight nights in a row!

Like most celebrations, there is much feasting to mark the occasion. Gather your friends and family to light the candles and raise a glass – the warmth of the Gemütlichkeit season will make everyone glow.

Our feast starts with Joanie’s Chopped Chicken Livers served as an opener, then on to the traditional (delicious!) Latkes with homemade applesauce and sour cream. We love both of these with our Rosé d’Or Brut. Or if some at your table prefer still wine, we recommend the Wade Vineyard Pinot Gris which is bright and lively to counter the richness of the food.

If there’s still room after all that, a retro dinner party classic is the perfect entrée – Chicken Marbella. The prunes and olives lend a nod to the Middle Eastern heritage of the Jews while the make-ahead nature of the dish is a gift to the cook for a gathering like this one. Chicken Marbella is a lovely match with Pinot noir and here we paired it with two of our single vineyard designated Pinots – one from the Menefee Vineyard and the other from the Hirschy Vineyard.

The grand finale is a classic French Apple Tart – we have it on good authority it’s Rob’s very favorite – sized up to feed a big group. We suggest a slice with just a small glass of our not- too-sweet Vin Tardive Late Harvest Pinot Gris. The perfect ending to an evening full of light, magic and Gemütlichkeit! We’ve given you the recipes and even a playlist to recreate this wonderful gemütlich feast at home. Now all you need is the wine.

The Wine

R. Stuart Hanukkah Wines

Hanukkah 5-Pack

  • NV Rosé d’Or – $50
  • 2018 Wade Vineyard Pinot Gris – $35
  • 2016 Menefee Vineyard Pinot Noir – $50
  • 2016 Hirschy Vineyard Pinot Noir – $50
  • 2008 Vin Tardive- $20

$205 $165


The Playlist

R. Stuart Thanksgiving Wines

The Music

For Hanukkah we selected a playlist…