Pinot Noirs

About R. Stuart & Co. Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir makes our hearts sing.

The Big Fire Pinot Noir is our everyday Pinot. Rob makes it in a style that is easy, approachable and perfect for drinking right now. If you’re like us, you’ll soon be thinking of this as your own House Wine.

The R. Stuart label is the one we use for our wines that are a little more special, you might call them “Reserve, we like to call them Saturday night wines. These are the wines that you’ll save till the moment is right. Rob makes them so that they’ll taste wonderful now, and will only improve with age – if you can stand to lay them down!

Vintage in and vintage out, the Autograph Pinot Noir is our benchmark wine. Rob chooses fruit from a handful of vineyards and blends them into a wine that is complex, intriguing and perfectly balanced. Opening a bottle of Autograph is like enjoying a long, thoughtful conversation with the winemaker himself.

Even though we hang our hat on blended Pinot noirs, it’s still lots of fun and endlessly fascinating to make single vineyard Pinot noirs. Each year we make five or six wines where all of the fruit comes from just one vineyard. We make them in tiny quantities, and all are unfined and unfiltered. We invite you to explore these Pinot noirs and discover all their glorious differences.

R. Stuart & Co. Pinot Noirs

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