Our Favorite Recipes

In the words of our good friend and colleague Nancy Ponzi:

“The secret to making great wine really isn’t the perfect soil, slope, latitude, rainfall or lack of it . . . not the rare clones or clear, cold nights, or barrels from faraway forests, or even the skillful intuitive winemakers. It’s food. The whole wonderful business of wine revolves around, evolves from, food.”

Hear! Hear!

At R. Stuart & Co. the joy of sharing wine and food with friends and family is fundamental. And one of our most consuming pastimes is exploring recipes both old and new to match with our wines. Here you’ll find a few of our favorites. We’re often adding recipes, so do check back.

Recipes to pair with Seafood

Recipes to pair with R. Stuart & Co. Pinot Noir

Recipes to pair with R. Stuart & Co. Rosé d’Or

Recipes to pair with Big Fire Pinot Gris

Recipes to pair with R. Stuart & Co. Vin Tardive

Recipes from our Wine Bar