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Share Your Love Story #7

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The other day we launched what’s turning into a really fun and heart-warming project. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked people to send us their love story. We’ve been getting some really lovely stories and we’re sharing some of them with you here.

Then, on Valentine’s Day we’re going to do a random drawing of all of the submissions and the winner will get our special Sweetheart Package – dinner for two at their favorite restaurant (we’ll buy a $100 gift card for them) and a $50 gift card to shop at R. Stuart & Co. (online or in our Wine Bar). Wouldn’t this be the ideal time for some Love, Oregon wine? Perfect for the occasion.

Katie & Kody

Katie & Kody 2

My husband and I have known each other since second grade. I had a huge crush on him (he was a year older) and a couple of my girlfriends and I started a fan club in his name. Flash forward to high school, we had a math class together my sophomore, his junior year of high school where we finally talked and became friends. He wrote in my yearbook at the end of the school year that we should hang out that summer. I was thrilled that this cute boy wanted to hang out with me! We had hung out a few times that summer, but because I liked him I was so shy around him and didn’t talk much therefore he wasn’t interested in me.

The following school year I enlisted the help of a couple of his friends to help me ask him to our winter formal. He said yes and we had a great night at the dance. He graduated at the end of that school year and I remained in high school for another year, so we lost touch.

Katie & Kody 3

In the spring of my freshman year of college I ran into him at a local eatery in town and we talked for a minute before he took off with his friends. I decided to text him to see how he’s been and realized my phone had broken a few days prior and I lost all of my numbers. I sent a text a mutual friend of ours to get his number and no sooner that she had sent me back his number, he had messaged me asking the same question. We began hanging out and were dating within a few months later.

Four years into our relationship we were volunteering at a local church camp. I am terrified of heights but the group of kids I was leading at the camp had a zip line activity planned for the afternoon. I climbed the ladder to the top platform to be hooked up to the zip line and almost didn’t go because I was scared. Little did I know, my husband had planned a proposal enlisting the help of many people from camp. As I went off the zip line which passes over a river and then a large field, I saw ahead of me a series of signs. Each sign was being held by a few people and was placed in the path of the field I would zipline over. “Will”, “you”, “marry”, and “me?” Were each on their own sign. He was waiting with the final “me” banner at the end of the zipline where I landed and greeted me with the most beautiful ring. I don’t remember anything that he said because I was so taken back by the events that had just unfolded. Of course I said yes and we were married the following summer. Nearly four years later we are happier than ever and I couldn’t be more grateful to have my childhood crush as my husband.

Katie & Kody


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