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Share Your Love Story #6

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The other day we launched what’s turning into a really fun and heart-warming project. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked people to send us their love story. We’ve been getting some really lovely stories and we’re sharing some of them with you here.

Then, on Valentine’s Day we’re going to do a random drawing of all of the submissions and the winner will get our special Sweetheart Package – dinner for two at their favorite restaurant (we’ll buy a $100 gift card for them) and a $50 gift card to shop at R. Stuart & Co. (online or in our Wine Bar). Wouldn’t this be the ideal time for some Love, Oregon wine? Perfect for the occasion.

Carie & Todd

Carie & Todd

The love story of how I met my husband…it all started with a drink.  Or rather in my case, a spilled drink.  I was living in Los Angeles and had a date with a guy…the fool stood me up.  So, I ended up alone at the bar.  I decided to have a drink anyways, and then this girl spills a drink all over me.  She was absolutely horrified, afraid I was going to get mad at her.  I’m not the kind of person to get mad over a spilled drink and my response was “Don’t worry about it, lets go get you a new drink.”  (I think I may have even blamed it on the glass.)  She says “Oh my gosh, thank you!  You’re so nice!  You have to meet my brother!”  I got her a drink, and then she pulled me over to introduce me to her brother.  He seemed like such a nice guy, but he lived in San Diego.

If you’re not familiar with traffic in LA, that can be anywhere from a 2 hour drive to a 4 hour drive depending on the traffic, so I didn’t expect anything to happen really.  But, a month later, he called me and asked me out on a really good date, worth that drive.  He asked me to go sailing.  I had never been, so I said I’d drive down.  We ended up having brunch, going sailing, going to dinner, and then watching a movie, and then I sat in traffic for 3 hours on the drive home.  But it was the best first date.  We quickly became a couple and after a few years we both moved slightly closer to each other…but then commuted farther to work.

We kept commuting for 6 years until we got married and I moved to San Diego.  Putting up with traffic was totally worth it, but I also discovered how much I loved a glass of wine after sitting in traffic for hours.  And then my husband enjoyed having a glass with me.  After years of driving, we needed to be done commuting.  So, we decided to move closer to my husband’s family.  They are in Washington, and I am such a wino, that of course I fell in love with wine country.  We stayed one night in McMinnville on our drive up the coast and it just felt right.

Carie & Todd 2

A year later, we bought our first home here in McMinnville and have enjoyed our dates wine tasting together.  Who knew, that because of that one spilled drink I would meet my husband, and because we drove so much to see each other, it made us want to get out of Southern California, and all of that brought us to McMinnville.

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