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Share Your Love Story #5

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The other day we launched what’s turning into a really fun and heart-warming project. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked people to send us their love story. We’ve been getting some really lovely stories and we’re sharing some of them with you here.

Then, on Valentine’s Day we’re going to do a random drawing of all of the submissions and the winner will get our special Sweetheart Package – dinner for two at their favorite restaurant (we’ll buy a $100 gift card for them) and a $50 gift card to shop at R. Stuart & Co. (online or in our Wine Bar). Wouldn’t this be the ideal time for some Love, Oregon wine? Perfect for the occasion.

LuAnn & Mickey


It was Valentine’s Day 1977.  Mickey and I had been dating for a few months and planned to meet at the local bar, Gambelli’s, where we would meet up with friends, have a couple drinks and celebrate.  At the time, Mickey worked for AT & T in White Plains, and I commuted to New York City (NYC) where I worked as a secretary for Union Carbide.

Being February in New York, snow was predicted for Valentine’s Day. And snow it did! I didn’t think too much about it because the train I rode home from NYC had a diesel engine. Those got through the worst snow.  Despite that,  there were train delays that evening.  This was before cell phones so there was no way for me to let Mickey know that the trains were running late and I would be late to meet up with him. This was not how I envisioned spending our first Valentine’s Day.

Eventually the train arrived at the White Plains Station – about an hour plus after the scheduled arrival time.  I was sad that I had already lost time to be with Mickey and it would take me  another 15 min. or so to walk from the train station to Gambelli’s.

Imagine my surprise and gratitude when waiting for me, as I descended the steps from the train platform, is Mickey.  In his outstretched arms he’s holding out to me a flower box, the kind that holds long stem roses.  When I reached him at the bottom of the stairs, I got a big hug, kiss and a peek inside the box. No long stem roses; an assortment of oriental flowers because he knew I liked those best. Together we headed to Gambelli’s and enjoyed the rest of our first Valentine’s together.

We’ll celebrate 40 Valentines this February and while not all of them have included flowers, they have ALWAYS included the love we share for each other.

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