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Share Your Love Story #3

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The other day we launched what’s turning into a really fun and heart-warming project. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked people to send us their love story. We’ve been getting some really lovely stories and we’re sharing some of┬áthem with you here.

Then, on Valentine’s Day we’re going to do a random drawing of all of the submissions and the winner will get our special Sweetheart Package – dinner for two at their favorite restaurant (we’ll buy a $100 gift card for them) and a $50 gift card to shop at R. Stuart & Co. (online or in our Wine Bar). Wouldn’t this be the ideal time for some Love, Oregon wine? Perfect for the occasion.


Ron & Lisa

Ron & Lisa

It was back in the fall of 2005 and I was assistant coach for the McMinnville High School football program. During practice, I saw a fellow coach/teacher approach this beautiful women on the sidelines, who was obviously out for a run. He chatted with her and when the coach returned I asked him who the pretty woman was. He responded that it was Lisa. I knew of her due to her athletic exploits at the high school in basketball. The coach told me that she’s a teacher/coach at the high school and she works at R.Stuart on the weekends pouring wine. He then states “Ron I happen to know that she also likes taller, younger men.” This was a total line of BS, but at the time all my 23 year old brain was saying was, “Oh ya!”

I went into the old R Stuart wine tasting room off of 5th street the next Saturday and lucky for me Lisa was there pouring. She immediately asked for my ID wondering how young I was, but she thought, “He’s cute and I’m bored.” We chatted for a while about our mutual love of snow skiing and the outdoors. I also made come critical errors in regards to purchasing wine at a winery and trying to impress this pretty women:

1. I ask “Lisa what wine’s do you have that goes good with chicken.” And

2. Can I buy that Pinot Gris in the grocery store?

At this point Lisa knew that this uncultured idiot didn’t come in to buy or talk wine. I remember thinking I should ask her for her phone number but I just couldn’t get the nerve to do it. I finally started to say my goodbyes and make my exit when Lisa came out and asked my if I wanted her cell number.

We dated off and on over the next couple of years with her dumping me multiple times and me knowing there was something about this girl that was worth pursuing. I doggedly kept asking her back out. After we got back together for the third time we stuck and haven’t looked back since. We’ve had two dogs, three cats, and two beautiful girls since that first moment I saw Lisa on the field at that football practice; cupid works in mysterious ways but I’m glad he worked his magic on me that day.

Note from Maria: I remember this all so well. I told Lisa over and over again “This guy’s a keeper and he’s crazy about you! Don’t let him go.” It was a happy day when we danced at Ron & Lisa’s beach wedding!

Check back for another love story tomorrow, and send yours in too!

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