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The last of Rebekah’s Harvest escapades….

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A day of celebration. Today, we pressed off the last of our fruit! Yay! Who knew the day would come so quickly where we would be left with no afternoon punch-downs, no caps to dig through for juice samples, NO WINERY WORK OUT? If you’ve ever worked harvest in a winery, I think you’ll catch my drift here but for those who haven’t, let me enlighten you.  The crew this year has been actively participating in conceptualizing a work-out video that we’d produce at the end of harvest. It would include climbing up and down ladders (for quad and calf strength), bottling (for dexterity and bicep curls), pushing around empty two-ton fermenters (for glutes and quads), pulling full two-ton fermenters with the pallet jack (for back strength and hamstrings) and of course, punch downs (for back, shoulders, abs and triceps). We’d get this video up on Youtube, it would go viral, we’d make millions and then we would retire. Alas, the video did not come to fruition as the mainstay of our winery work out did not exist anymore. I guess we’ll have to be more prepared for this day next year!


Also, today marks my two-year anniversary with the R. Stuart & Co. family. Cheers to that!



That’s all she wrote. Today is the last day at the winery for Deven and I. Erin will stay on with Erick until Christmas to take care of the last bits and pieces of Harvest 2012 and then Erick will carry the winery on until next Fall when another crew comes in. It’s a bittersweet kind of day. We’re doing a lot of cleaning, putting the press to bed (which was nameless for some reason, so we called her Elsa, a nod to her German heritage), stacking fermenters, making the floors shiny. We have long faces but still can’t stop laughing. Erin and Rebekah break for some cartwheels through the middle fermentation room, Deven and Erick conjure up the Clowns and bicker back and forth in “Lon-giland” and of course, we’re talking about dinner.


The Last Supper at the Stuart’s. Maria prepared a beautiful dish of Lamb Shanks and Orzo, with sides of roasted broccoli and beets. It is delicious and soulful and perfect. With it, Rob presents a vertical of Autograph from 2006 to 2010. Little Charlotte Stuart buzzes around during dinner to size us for handmade friendship bracelets (which we still wear) and all is well. The 2012 StuCru cheers their new family, we eat and drink heartily and reminisce about the good ole’ days (4 weeks ago) when this amazing adventure began.


Thank you Erick, Erin, Deven, Ben F. Jonny, Alan, Jody, David, John, Bob, Ben S., Joe S., Charlotte S, Rachel, Karen, Casee, Susy, Alex, Brenna, Colby, Genevieve, Alan H, Brutus and Zilla. Thank you Maria. Thank you Rob. Until next year!

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