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Oregon Big Fire Dry Rosé – A new release, and sweet story for you.

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As we were getting ready to release the new (absolutely stunning) 2010 Big Fire Dry Rosé, Rob and I were sitting in our kitchen, sipping on a glass and talking about all the lovely things we tasted therein. Suddenly Rob grabbed my laptop and started furiously typing something.  “Just some thoughts I have…”, he said. I didn’t get a chance to read what he wrote until a day or two later, and here’s what it was, in all it’s un-edited loveliness. This is pure Rob.

“When I was 12 years of age our family move from Buffalo, NY to Grand Island, NY.  We lived right on the Niagara River about 2 miles above the famous falls.  This was moving to the country in our minds.  And with that we had moved into a house that had a field next to it.  Ultimately Charlie Hensel and his wife Ethel built on the far side of this field, but at the time in my life, THE FIELD and the woods and creek beyond it were magical to me.  Our 2010 Big Fire Dry Rosé takes me right back there to this time and place in my mind.  After all, that’s one of the magical things about wine, it transports you to places that meant something to you.

In this field next to our Outpost in the wilds of Grand Island, NY, grew wild strawberries.  I am not talking about the wild ones that you might see in a store.  I am talking about really wild ones that have been there on that land probably forever.  These things were about the size of your baby fingernail.  I remember the first time I saw them I was surprised with delight! They were so red and so small, but pop one in your mouth (we didn’t think of herbicides or pesticides in those days especially on a wild abandoned field) and WOW! What flavor.  I spent a lot of time over the next few weeks foraging around in this field to find them.  They only last a few weeks before they run their course.  I would be lucky if I could put together enough to fill my hand and then devour them in one euphoric munch.  That being said, even one popped in the mouth is a delight.”

In this wine I smell and taste fresh wild strawberries with a hint of cinnamon.  It is lean and crisp and assertively refreshing on the palate.  I follow with the thought that I am almost drinking wild fresh strawberries.”

the freshest Oregon strawberries


And I (back to Maria now) smell and taste strawberries and cinnamon as well, but I also get a lot of white pepper flavor. I love that spiciness, as it reminds me of the Rosés from Provence, France – which I adore. And truth be told, that’s the style we are trying to emulate.

There are so many perfect places in your life for a Dry Rosé. On the patio, in your picnic basket, at the beach, and it refreshing crispness goes with just about everything you might be cooking up this spring and summer.  Any minute now, the sun will come out and we’ll be ready with the perfect wine. Join us!








Approx.. 200 cases produced.


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