• Introducing Love, Oregon

    Hello Friends!

    We here at R. Stuart & Co. are absolutely beside ourselves with glee to announce a wonderful addition to our family of wines – the first new addition in 13 years! Without further ado, I give you...

    Love, Oregon

    Once upon a time, a very long time ago, there was a town in Southern Oregon.
    It was called Love.
    Love, Oregon.

    Spurred on by the necessities of business, and the potential of a few special wines resting in barrel, waiting for their right moment to emerge, we went in search of a fitting name for a new wine. One rainy Oregon afternoon, we stumbled across a box of sepia-toned vintage postcards and photographs from the turn of the century.

    Immediately charmed by their romantic tone and stunning landscapes, we began to dream. The next thing to fall in our laps was an old almanac, the one the United States Government sent to families bound across the country to homestead in the wild, wild West – otherwise known as Oregon. These pioneers needed to know where they were headed, how big a town might be, how many head of horse and cattle might be found there.... All of this information, along with maps and drawings, was collected in a book with thin, almost wispy pages. In this book we discovered there had once been a town called Love. Love, Oregon. (I recall there was a collective gasp among us.)

    Love, Oregon was in Josephine County, not too far from Grants Pass. Founded by James Love and his wife, they put a hotel and restaurant there to feed weary travelers – both people and horses – and give them a place to refresh and restore on their way to or from the Gold Rush in California through the mountains of Southern Oregon. Here people gathered to be nourished by Mrs. Love’s simple but hearty food and to tell stories, or tall tales, around the fire. You might imagine how we felt a sudden kinship with the Love family when we learned this.

    Love, Oregon no longer exists, but as a tribute to those brave dreamers who had the courage to risk everything and pioneer Oregon, we decided to resurrect it in our own way.

    What is more, fascinated as we are with the written word and the poignant charm of the hand written letter (imagine the letters that went back to family in eastern states, reassuring them of the pioneer’s well being and sharing details of their new discoveries) the double entendre of a closing salutation was not lost on us either.


    In the Love, Oregon series there is a Pinot Noir, a Riesling, a dry Rosé and a white wine blend called “White Sky” (akin to white blends from the Rhone Valley in France).

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    The Love, Oregon wines have their own website. I invite you to have a look. Here, you can peruse the tasting notes and also order online.

    We really couldn’t be more thrilled to bring you these wonderful wines and share their story with you.

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